How to Jump Start Your Next Email Drip Campaign

Speed to Contact has created a 20+ page blueprint to introduce you to concepts that will enhance your sales process – we share simple, effective email drip campaign templates. Our guide is packed with tips to help you nurture & convert more leads with powerful sequences using the right content.

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What Is a Marketing Automation Platform?

Textbook Definition of a Marketing Automation Platform A marketing automation platform is typically software designed to provide computer processes that execute marketing tasks and workflows. The goal of marketing automation is to create an efficient and effective way of interacting with prospects and customers. The best marketing automation platforms [...]

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Major Ricochet Updates

NEW RICOCHET FEATURES AND UPDATES! Our team has been hard at work building exciting new features and working countless hours to ensure greater system stability and highest performance possible. We're excited how things have turned out and we want to share some of the latest enhancements that are now available [...]

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Predictive Dialer Rules: Abandonment Rate – Concurrent Call Ratio – Recording – TCPA – FTC Regulations

It is important that you understand what the predictive dialer rules are to prevent any legal action being taken, as well as to ensure you run optimal campaigns. You also want to make sure you check with an attorney about the rules and legalities of your state and industry. [...]

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Hosted Predictive Dialer Systems and How They Work for Business and Call Centers

Hosted predictive dialer systems work by looking at how many agents you have logged in, making a certain amount of phone calls, patching consumers when they pick up the phone to available agents, and predicting how many agents will be available using a simple algorithm. We'll describe the different variables of hosted predictive dialer systems and how they are used.

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The Different Types of Sales Dialers for Call Centers to Contact Leads

When selecting between sales dialers for your business or call center, you have a few different options. There are three main types of dialers, which each have strengths and weaknesses. We outline these three types of sales dialers for contacting leads and provide details regarding how each one may be best suited for your business or call center.

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How To Improve Your Contact Rates

Best Practices for Ultra-Fast Lead to Call Response Times and Contact Rates Many companies invest heavily in generating online leads, but most of those investments are wasted because of poor contact rates. Lead to call response times are critical for converting online prospects to sales. Most sales go to [...]

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Join Speed-to-Contact at LeadsCon!

LeadsCon 2012 is the definitive event for everyone in online lead generation, where top buyers and sellers go to conduct business. During the course of one week per year, all roads lead to Las Vegas, where a collection of leading minds and premier companies gather [...]

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