Leaving Perfect Voicemail Messages

With 80% of all sales calls landing in voicemail, it becomes imperative to master the art of leaving perfect voicemail messages. Leave weak voicemails, get weak results. Investing time upfront in your messages, mapping your message to your lead statuses, and practicing for smooth delivery will all pay off over time.

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Best Practices for Call Recording in Call Centers

"This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes." Many people dread hearing this phrase in their personal lives, but it exists for good reasons. As a consumer, it's for our protection. As a call center operator, it's not only for our protection, but it also creates a framework for improving the performance of call center agents. To help you with your call center performance, we've assembled a few best practices for call recording in call centers.

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Conference and Trade Show Follow Up

We're preparing to exhibit at our next conference. Well before the show, we not only plan what happens with our team during the show, but we also prepare for what happens in the days after. If you're tired of losing out on opportunities after your sales & marketing events, check out our plan for conference follow-up.

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Conference and Trade Show Best Practices

As sales professionals, we attend trade shows and conferences to build brand recognition, generate new leads, see what's happening in our industry, and (ultimately) sell our products. A strong trade show floor strategy increases our chance of success. We originally developed a list for our own staff, and we would like to share it with you to help you leverage these trade show best practices for your next event.

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Contact Center & Sales Gamification Best Practices

Gamification is an increasingly common practice used to improve contact center performance and agent engagement. It helps to motivate your contact center agents and incentivize higher performance. Improved productivity and performance are difficult without happy and interested employees.

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Sales Drip Email Campaign Fundamentals

Odds are good that you've received emails from a drip email campaign in the past few months. Drip email campaigns, which include a series of messages, are sent ("dripped") in a preset order using preset intervals. If you joined an email list to get marketing tips, you may receive [...]

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Choosing the Right Sales Metrics for Your Business

Your sales manager can probably share a dashboard showing the figures that she considers most important to company sales progress. In addition, your CFO has tools that track the financial health of your business. But are you tracking the right sales metrics? As Zig Ziglar once wrote, "Don’t count the [...]

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