The All-in-One Education CRM

Use Automation to Build Stronger Relationships with Prospective Students

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The All-in-One Education CRM

Build Stronger Relationships with Your Prospective Students

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The Fast, Easy CRM Software for Education

Each year, millions of high school students search for colleges, universities, vocational schools, private schools and adult continuing education programs. In such a competitive education market, you need to respond quickly and nurture candidates to bring more prospective students into your academic community. Ricochet, the all-in-one education CRM for education, is your ideal solution.

Ricochet is a cloud-based software solution that you can customize to meet your education industry requirements. The system enables managing prospective student leads, enrollment planning, alumni engagement and donor outreach.


Ricochet360: The All-in-One Dialer, CRM and Marketing Automation Platform

An ideal solution for colleges, universities, private schools,

for-profit universities, and adult continuing education campuses

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Enterprise-Class CRM for Higher Education

Avoid the huge capital investment of on-site hardware and call center software. Ricochet’s cloud-based contact centers are easy to deploy, fast, reliable and powerful. Ricochet is the all-in-one CRM software solution in the cloud.

Speed to Contact - Ricochet Education CRM


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