Are Voicemails Really That Important?  

To some, it may appear like a waste of time to leave a prospect a voicemail. Many people do not take phone calls, have full voicemail storage, or use text messages as their primary form of communication. However, voicemails can be very helpful for your sales team or agency, when soliciting a callback. There are many reasons why leaving a voicemail is important and beneficial.

Prospects Actually Like Talking On The Phone 

In today’s age, it seems like phone calls have become a bit outdated. A lot of people prefer communication through online forms such as emails and instant messaging. However, there is still a majority that prefers traditional phone conversations as their contact method. The newer generation seems to prefer instant or text messaging as their choice of communication while the more traditional clientele still prefers talking to a live person via the phone. This is important to keep in mind when looking at understanding client demographic. All mobile devices show notifications of missed calls and voicemails. Leaving a voicemail ultimately results in a callback. Agent’s that leave voicemails foster more connections which can then result in higher connection rates.

Practice Makes Perfect  

Nailing the perfect pitch to a client takes a fair amount of practice. Sales agents, over time, will assess the ideal speaking points to engage prospects. . Voicemails are one great tactic to include when engaging prospects via phone. The goal of a voicemail is to get the client to call back and continue the conversation. Even if the person did not answer the call, the agent still has the same goal of getting the prospect interested. Voicemails are generally quick and straight to the point. This puts a challenge on the sales agent. They must get their point across in a manner that is clear, concise, and informational. This creates the perfect opportunity for a sales agent to practice their sales tactics.  A customer should know the reason for the call that they missed. Leaving voicemails lets sales agents refine their skills, in a convenient and easy manner. It’s reassuring if an agent receives a callback and makes a connection.  Leaving voicemails not only establishes connections but helps agents sharpen their skills that will ultimately lead to more results. Practice makes perfect, in order to leave the right message.

Persistence Pays Off  

One of the biggest traits that are found in all sales agents, is persistency. Anyone working in the sales industry knows that being diligent in establishing connections with their client base is crucial. This involves reaching out to consumers frequently every time an agent calls a potential prospect, there’s a chance that they won’t answer the phone. People are busy and that’s ok. It’s important to not give up when an agent can’t reach their client. The next step is to leave a voicemail every time a call isn’t answered This is also true when calling the same person multiple times. When leaving voicemails,  an agent is supplying relevant information as to why they called. Agents that call prospects but do not leave any voicemails are eliminating one part of the process. 

Voicemails are Quick and Efficient 

Leaving voicemails takes a few seconds at most. Typically the ideal voicemail should be around 20-30 seconds, with the goal of leading a callback.. Taking these few seconds helps you reach people and provide the chance for a callback. Leaving a voicemail is like laying the foundation to making a lasting connection with a client. Not leaving a voicemail might save an agent some time, but is it worth it if they miss out on the opportunity to connect with a prospect? Everyone can find a few extra seconds in the day if it means improving their job performance overall. Taking the time now will improve sales performance down the road.

Voicemails Are A Great Tool

Leaving a voicemail is a must for every agent. It helps agents reach their client base while honing their skills all in a quick and easy manner. Not everyone will return a call, however, leaving a voicemail increases the probability of getting a callback.  Thus, an agent should take every opportunity that will ultimately lead to growing their client base.

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