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with Inbound Call Tracking

Assign your best sales people to the right inbound leads.

Optimize Your Inbound Call Marketing

Inbound phone calls are a critical but underrated activity for many sales teams. With Ricochet’s integrated inbound call tracking, the associated phone number of each inbound call maps back to the source. Especially with dramatic increases in smartphone usage for internet activity, marketers need insight into the connection between marketing efforts and inbound phone calls or traffic. As a result, you can make smarter decisions about where you invest your marketing budget. In addition, you can deliver a better customer experience based on that source data.

  • Measure online and offline marketing performance
  • Learn more about your best prospects
  • Identify what motivates customers to call
  • Optimize your marketing budgets
  • Create a seamless customer experience

Deliver Exceptional Experiences to Your Inbound Leads

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