With 80% of all sales calls landing in voicemail, it becomes imperative to master the art of leaving perfect voicemail messages. Leave weak voicemails, get weak results. Investing time upfront in your messages, mapping your voicemails to your lead statuses, and practicing for smooth delivery will all pay off over time. The industry average is a sub-5 percent callback rate. With a good voicemail, that jumps to 11%. A good second call improves to 22% and a third message yields a 33% callback rate.

Be Concise

Don’t wing it. Prepare a script that delivers a crisp, concise message. Start by saying hello, then state your name and your company name. Deliver your entire message in under 30 seconds (under 20 if you can).
Offer Value, Not a Sales Pitch
Save your sales pitch for your actual sales call. Instead, focus on the benefits your product have delivered for other customers.

Sell the Next Step

Don’t sell your product. Sell the next step in the process. Does your product need an initial consultation? Are you offering a free demonstration? Can you send a case study? Is there a trial version?

Speak Clearly

Before you record your voicemail, practice your script a few times until you are familiar with the flow. Practice with a comfortable pace (not too fast nor too slow). Enunciate your words!

Be Friendly

Smile when you talk, and avoid sounding monotone. Avoid using humor (it may not go over well), but speak using a friendly, pleasant tone.

Be Persistent

Based on the callback rates cited above, leaving a single voicemail squanders many opportunities. Follow up and follow through.

Perfect Voicemail FTW

Imagine the ROI of delivering perfect voicemail messages regularly. If your competitors’ sales agents are leaving poor quality messages, and your team is well-prepared, rehearsed, knowledgeable and persistent, you should see better results. Plan, prepare, practice and execute…

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