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The Fastest Sales Dialer for Your Agents

Maximize Sales Team Productivity & Call Center Results

Ricochet Fast Dialers help you connect, qualify, and convert your prospects into customers faster. A progressive dialer can be a powerful tool for sales teams and call centers. It minimizes wasted time between calls by automatically dialing your leads from a call list. A progressive dialer makes sequential calls when your agents become available. As a result, it increases agent productivity when making outbound phone calls. It also ensures a higher volume of productive connections between agents and prospects compared with manual dialing. You can track metrics to improve call center performance too.

Whether you choose Ricochet’s click-to-call, progressive dialer or predictive dialer, your agents will spend more time connecting with prospects and customers.

Ricochet360 by Speed to Contact: Progressive Dialer & CRM Lead Management System - Dial Your Leads FASTER!

What is a
Progressive Dialer?

Progressive dialers improve productivity by reducing agent involvement in dialing, automatically calling leads from pre-built lists. A progressive dialer (AKA automatic dialer, auto dialer, power dialer, preview dialer) waits until an agent is free to accept a phone call, and then it shows contact information to the agent. The agent has time to review the lead and then the system automatically dials the contact. Progressive dialing helps create a one-on-one relationship between the caller and the line dialed. It can deliver higher performance in the near term, while helping management review call results for the longer term.

Ricochet Progressive Dialer Highlights

Not Only Can You Dial Leads Faster…

Local Phone Numbers

Calling from a local area code helps make more connections with your leads. You can configure Ricochet to automatically match your outgoing call’s area code to the area code of the lead you’re dialing.

Perfect Voicemail

Save precious time with voicemails using a tailored library of pre-recorded messages. Drop the perfect voicemail for your lead, then effortlessly move on to the next call.

Call Intercept

If your team is busy with outbound campaigns, you don’t want to miss speaking directly with valuable inbound leads. With Call Intercept, Ricochet quickly redirects from calling an unanswered outbound dial to capture the inbound call.

Call Monitoring

Managers can provide real-time coaching and training from virtually anywhere. You can simply listen in on calls, whisper feedback, or barge in (if necessary) to ensure high quality customer experiences.

Call Recording

Ricochet can automatically record calls for training and to identify areas for improvement with actionable feedback. You can also use Call Recording for compliance with industry regulations.

Call Analytics

Monitor conversations and outcomes with Ricochet’s Call Analytics dashboards. With Ricochet’s metrics, you can see how your campaigns are working and optimize your team’s performance.

Additional Ricochet Progressive Dialer Software Features

  • Lead Popup
  • No-Pause Dialing
  • TCPA Compliance Settings
  • Call Time Settings
  • Do Not Call Filters
  • Basic Reports
  • Management Dashboard
  • Gamification


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We’ve increased our contacts on the first call from less than 5% to over 30% and overall contacts from 20% to over 60%.

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