The Fastest, Easiest Solar CRM & Solar Dialer

Ricochet360 powers up your sales with a rich all-in-one Solar CRM and Solar Dialer.

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The Fastest, Easiest Solar CRM & Solar Dialer

Ricochet360 powers up your sales with a rich all-in-one platform.

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Empower Your Team with the All-In-One Solar Sales Platform

As you build your business, you need a solar CRM solution that will help you grow (and grow with you). You want to maximize revenue, keep overhead low, and ensure that your field reps keep you informed of their progress by viewing notes, to-dos, and documents (like photos from job sites). Ricochet CRM is a cloud-based software solution that gives you powerful tools to manage your leads, automate key processes and track your results. And you can customize Ricochet to suit your unique solar business requirements.

Ricochet360 Maximizes Your Contact & Closing Rates


Ricochet360 Solar CRM: The All-in-One Dialer, CRM and Marketing Automation Platform

A powerful all-in-one solution for solar CRM and solar dialer.

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Ricochet Solar CRM & Solar Lead Management System

Ricochet is an Enterprise-Class Solar CRM & Solar Lead Management System

Avoid the huge capital investment of on-site hardware and call center software. Ricochet’s cloud-based system is simple to deploy, fast, reliable and powerful. Ricochet is the all-in-one CRM software solution in the cloud.

Customize Ricochet360 to Be Your Ideal Solar CRM & Solar Dialer


5 Star Review

College Hunks Hauling Junk

I would definitely recommend Ricochet360 to any company that is looking to make the most of every lead and drive revenue.  Capturing our missed leads through Ricochet has brought in millions of dollars in system-wide revenue for us and was the reason College Hunks went over $100 million in system-wide revenue in 2018!  Ricochet has made a clear and measurable difference in our bottom line.


Doug O’Dowd CFO

American Auto Title Loan

I wanted to say “thanks” for being so patient, helpful and informative with the American Auto Title Loan team. You’re quite the pros and each time we have a call with you, we leave feeling more comforted & knowledgeable than before! You are awesome and we’re grateful to be working with you.

American Auto Title Loan

On Q Financial

At On Q Financial, we have loved using Ricochet360 to manage our lending teams’ leads. The platform is easy to use, has a simple design and top tier communication tools. It has increased our efficiency and helps us close more loans.

On Q Financial
Ben Holland

Anthony Aguilar

Great staff, great product… Ricochet is the best all in one on the market. I was literally using 3 different systems before I made the switch. Highly recommend!

Anthony A.

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