Hello from the Ricochet360 Team!

We believe there’s a better way to manage marketing and sales. We’re excited to simplify sales management and processes for everyone through our software, education, and community. Simply stated, the Ricochet360 team’s mission is to help our customers sell smarter, and we’re obsessively passionate about creating tools to do that with speed, simplicity and rich functionality.

Speed to Contact Team: Beau Bratton

Beau Bratton

Founder & CEO

Speed to Contact Team: Scott Herring

Scott Herring


Ricochet360 Team: Steve Okun

Steve Okun

Chief Revenue Officer

Speed to Contact Team: Jaeson Lee

Jaeson Lee

Director of Client Success

Speed to Contact Team: Jonathan Maness

Jonathan Maness

Sr. Client Success Manager

Speed to Contact Team: Ryan Lorseyedi

Ryan Lorseyedi

Client Success Manager

Ricochet360 Team: Joey Vigil

Joey Vigil

Client Success Manager

Ricochet360 Team: Ian Connelly

Ian Connelly

Product Manager

Speed to Contact Team: Will Garrett

Will Garrett

Sr. Software Engineer

Speed to Contact Team: Brayan Rastelli

Brayan Rastelli

Sr. Web Developer

Ricochet360 Team: Fernando Amaral

Fernando Amaral

Software Engineer

Ricochet360 Team: Lucas Souza

Lucas Souza

Software Engineer

Speed to Contact Team: Kristyna Dankova

Kristyna Dankova

Sr. Data Scientist

Speed to Contact Team: Kelly Gilliam

Kelly Gilliam

Front End Software Engineer

Ricochet360 Team: Meg Lachman

Meg Lachmann

Executive Assistant

Ricochet360 Team: Jessica Baker

Jessica Baker

Account Executive

Ricochet360 Team: Ric Corbera

Ric Corbera

Account Executive